Economy Priced Electric Conversion Kit for Single Gooseneck Trailer Jacks

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Due to delays caused by supply chain slow downs this conversion kit is temporarily out of stock. Please see Magnum Lift LEGB-1 as an alternative.

The Power Pac electric motor kit is designed as an economy priced, semi universal fit add on for the popular 10,000/12,000 gooseneck jacks used on many smaller horse trailers and flatbed equipment haulers.  If you own a trailer with a hitch weight around 3,000 lbs or less this 12 volt powered conversion kit will usually work well.

Installation is simple and straight forward. In most cases no welding is required. The mounting bracket will bolt to the sheet metal front of the trailer.  A coupler sleeve is included to attach the gear box to the 1" crank shaft on your trailer jack.

If you have a flatbed with no front sheet metal some welding and fabrication may be needed. Nothing fancy is required, just a solid surface for the mounting bracket attachment.

If your trailer is not equipped with a 12 Volt automotive battery you will need to install one. An inexpensive marine type battery box is a great way to mount and protect the battery. These are readily available for under $20 online or from many of the big retail stores.

A deep cycle RV type works best, but as long as you have a charging line connected from your vehicle, most any battery capable of starting a car engine will be adequate. Using ONLY the tow vehicle "hot wire" does not work. Due to the small size of this wire damage to the motor gearbox and even the truck wiring is very likely.

Wiring is also a simple procedure that usually takes less than 1 hour to complete. The water resistant switch box and two way rocker switch can be mounted in most any convenient location on the trailer front.

The manufacturer includes an emergency crank handle that simply slides on a square drive stub shaft on the front of the gear box. If your battery goes down you will be able to hand crank the unit.

Cranking speed with no load is approximately 16 revolutions per minute at the crank shaft. If your jack has a drop foot the actual ram travel required to lift the coupler off the ball is normally only a few inches. Just remember, if it's speed  and big lifting power you're looking for, an electric over hydraulic jack in the $1000 - $1500 price range is usually required.