Hub Adapter Kit For Two Speed Jacks

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If you need to mount a Magnum Lift electric motor conversion kit on your Holland / Binkley 2 speed jack this hub adapter kit may be required.

If your jack was manufactured after September of 2010 it will no have the required support hub installed. This kit bolts to the gear case of the Holland LG4700 jacks to allow the Magnum Lift mounting bracket to be attached to the jack.

Look at the "crank" shaft where it exits the gear case. If there is a 1-1/2" diameter collar that protrudes aproximately 1-1/4" you do NOT need this adapter kit.

If that support hub is not present this kit will solve that problem.

Our Barker Power Pac, part number 24495, can also be mounted to the Binkley style jacks using this kit.

The Power Pac can also be mounted to some other brand jack legs by welding the adapter hub to the jack gearbox

If you are unsure please call us at 503-637-5050. We are happy to help.