Power Drive Motor Add On Kit for Single Speed 12,000 lb. Bulldog Gooseneck Jacks

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If you want the best conversion kit available for your Bulldog brand gooseneck landing legs this is it. With a factory rated lifting capacity of 7,500 lbs. this 12 volt electric motor / gearbox  will get the job done.

The drive unit mounts directly to the gooseneck jack, replacing the existing crank shaft and utilizing a weld on torque stop to stabilize the gearbox. This solid mounting provides a much more positive alignment system than most of the competitors.

The kit can be installed on trailers having  either one or two landing legs.
 An adapter is provided to connect the existing cross shaft on 2 jack systems. Due to the center mounted location of the motor/gear box your original crank handle can be stored and re-installed for hand cranking if battery power fails.

Two replacement pinion gears and drive pins are included to allow upgrading older jacks made prior to May of 2006 (Date Code E06) to the larger drive pin size. This modification is not needed on newer jacks.

If you're the impatient type you will like the high speed lifting rate of about 3" per minute with typical hitch weights.

The 12V DC motor and gearbox assembly are both permanently lubricated so periodic maintenance is not a worry.

Another area Bulldog removed the worry is in the electrical system.  The high quality weather proof switch box has a pre-wired harness that attaches to the included junction box for clean, dry battery hook up connections. The switch box also includes a push button resettable circuit breaker to protect the wiring. This is the nicest, most durable and failure resistant wiring system we have seen.

As with all conversion kits on the market the trailer will need a 12 volt DC, RV or car type battery onboard.  An inexpensive marine type battery box is a great way to mount and protect the battery. These are readily available for under $20 online or from many of the big retail stores.

Because of the Power Drive's higher weight capacity, which means more amperage draw, we recommend a good size deep cycle battery and a heavy duty charge wire from the tow vehicle to keep the voltage up to optimum levels.

Warranty coverage for the Bulldog Powered Drive kit is also best in the industry at a full five years from date of purchase.