Ultra-Fab Deluxe 5th Wheel Landing Gear

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Ultra-Fab 12 volt electric fifth wheel landing jacks allow you to lift and level your RV trailer with the flip of a switch.

The factory rated 12,000 lb. lifting capacity means these jacks are almost a "must have" for today's larger 5th wheel RV's having heavy hitch weights.

Each jack incorporates it's own "soft surface" drop leg style foot pad with 17 extra inches of adjustment capability to help with leveling on uneven surfaces.

Ram travel is 21" making total lift a generous 38". 

Overall length of jacks in the retracted position is 36-1/2", allowing a compact installation. 

Slip clutches are built in to each jack to prevent damage from over extension.

Individual 12V electric motors provide the power and dependability you want.

Each kit includes 2 jack legs, wire harness with 2 switches plus all needed installation mounting brackets and hardware.

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