Bulldog Electric 5th Wheel Landing Legs 500161

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Bulldog 500161 electric "Powered Drive" fifth wheel RV landing legs provide the ultimate in lifting capacity and durability.

Individual jack motors mean you get a higher lift rating than most systems using a single motor and cross shaft design.

The independent up / down switches, installed in the included switch panel, allow for side to side trailer leveling.

Two different output modes are available, either high torque or high speed, meaning you can set up the jacks to best suit your particular trailer's need.
The high speed mode allows a maximum lifting speed of 9" per minute. Most other electric landing legs travel at about half that rate.
Motor / gearbox assemblies can be mounted upside down (as pictured) in applications where clearance is a problem, but ONLY in the high torque configuration.

Side to side leveling is quick and easy with the independent switches.
The spring loaded drop legs, with large 6" x 8" rectangular bottom foot plates mean soft ground is less of a problem. 

Factory rated capacities are 10,000 lbs. lifting and 10,000 lbs. static, for the set.

Jack leg (ram) travel is 18"

Drop Leg travel is also 18"

Total lift 36"

Each kit includes:

Two jack legs

Two power drive units pre assembled to the jack legs

Wire harness with 2 switches and panel

Spring loaded drop leg pins

All mounting brackets and hardware

Backed by a full 5 year Limited factory warranty.