If you have a heavy duty landing gear style jack on your gooseneck horse, construction equipment trailer, or race car hauler you've found the right place.

We offer several electric motor add on conversion kits to take the sweat out of cranking
that monster up off your truck.

There are a few popular jack styles used by most of the trailer manufacturers so the first
thing you will need to do is determine which jack(s) you have.

Many of the smaller gooseneck horse trailers have a single speed, center mounted 12,000 lb.
capacity leg.

The kit pictured below is a very cost effective electric add on for lighter weight trailers with this style jack.

If you are lucky to have a Bulldog brand jack then you can use the Power Drive kit which is probably
the best unit available. It installs on their jack by actually replacing the existing crank shaft.

This kit can handle the extra hitch weight usually seen with larger goosenecks and living quarters trailers.

Some trailers come equipped with 2 speed gearbox style heavy duty jacks. Luckily, there are
kits available for this configuration also.

image of electric power binkley jack motor             image of Magnum Lift electric jack motor

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